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  • Bucked Up BuckedUp-Raw Beta Alanine

BuckedUp-Raw Beta Alanine

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How to use

One serving daily -- either in the morning or afternoon -- with 4-6 hours between taking our pre-workout.

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RAW Beta-Alanine is for those who refuse complacency. It’s for those who strive for more -- faster sprint times, delayed muscle fatigue, increased stamina -- and will settle for nothing less than owning every workout. You may know this _____ for its tingling effect, and that certainly has merit. Here’s a (not so secret) secret: Studies have shown that, when beta-alanine is taken two times daily the benefits are astoundingly powerful. Add RAW Beta-Alanine to your daily supplement routine. Feel the difference. Level up your game. Experience the GAINZ.


In nearly every story told from the dawn of time, a story is told based on what’s been dubbed The Hero’s Journey. Stage Two in that journey is called the Call To Adventure, the point where the hero must leave their home behind and venture out to achieve greatness -- and probably save a non-gender specific being from distress.

You are the hero of your own story, and that moment when the tingles from Beta-Alanine kick in is your Call To Adventure; destiny knocking down your door and imploring you to leave the ordinary world behind. Venture forth. Through serious training, dedication, perseverance, and help from Beta-Alanine, you will triumph over any obstacles. And of course, embrace extraordinary.

Beta-Alanine is far more than just the Call To Adventure (tingles). It’s also the enchantment given by a mystical being to improve your Stamina, increase your endurance, and seriously boost your athletic performance. Beta-Alanine allows you to achieve feats Internet cave trolls would call impossible.

This amino acid plays a critical role in several bodily functions, including decreasing lactic acid buildup in the system, which helps delay muscle fatigue. Studies have even shown that those supplementing with Beta-Alanine are able to perform more repetitions prior to reaching muscle failure. This powerful compound can also positively impact your VO2 max. VO2 max is the measurement of oxygen a person can utilize during anaerobic exercise.

We include Beta-Alanine in every one of our pre-workouts for these reasons. That being said, many of the studies performed have shown that, to get the most benefits from Beta-Alanine, it’s important to intake 6.4 grams daily. Because we’re not sadists, we would never put that much Beta-Alanine into our pre-workouts -- otherwise those tingles, which are often exciting and revitalizing, would transform into total discomfort.

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