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The Importance of Fish Oil

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  • By Katy Burkhartzmeyer
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The Importance of Fish Oil

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are healthy fats that are abundant in fish and shellfish that most of us do not get nearly the recommended daily amount of. Unless you’re sitting down multiple times a day to eat a large serving of wild-caught fatty fish… chances are, neither are you. 

This is where supplementing with a fish oil can help and be transforming to your overall health. Consuming a sufficient amount of EPA and DHA from a high quality fish oil supplement supports your heart health, brain functioning and reduces  inflammation in your body along with many more benefits.  It is important to invest in a higher quality fish oil supplement that sources from fresh, cold water wild-caught fish to avoid fishy burps, a disrupted stomach, and to ensure the best results. 



  1. Heart Health

At the forefront of fish oil's virtues is its remarkable impact on cardiovascular health. Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA, play a pivotal role in reducing triglycerides, lowering blood pressure, and curbing inflammation. These actions collectively contribute to a healthier heart and a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.


  1. Brain Food

The brain thrives on omega-3 fatty acids, with DHA being a fundamental component of brain cell membranes. Regular consumption of fish oil has been linked to improved cognitive function, memory retention, and a decreased risk of age-related cognitive decline. It's no wonder fish oil is often referred to as "brain food."


  1. Inflammation Alleviation

Chronic inflammation is a common denominator in various health issues, from arthritis to autoimmune diseases. Omega-3s in fish oil exhibit anti-inflammatory properties, helping to quell systemic inflammation and mitigate the impact of inflammatory conditions. Fish oil can also help manage the body’s natural inflammatory response to exercise.


  1. Joint Health and Flexibility

Individuals grappling with joint pain and stiffness may find relief in fish oil. The omega-3 fatty acids contribute to joint lubrication, reduce inflammation in the joints, and may alleviate symptoms associated with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.


  1. Mood and Mental Well-being

 Emerging research suggests that fish oil may play a role in supporting mental health. Omega-3s have been linked to the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, which are crucial for regulating mood. Incorporating fish oil into your diet might contribute to a more stable and positive mental state.


  1. Eye Care Excellence

DHA is prevalent in the retina which is located in the eye. Ensuring an adequate supply of DHA through fish oil may support vision health and reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration.


  1. Pregnancy and Early Development

Fish oil is particularly crucial during pregnancy, as omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the development of the baby's brain and eyes. Expectant mothers are often advised to include fish oil in their diet or take supplements to support the optimal growth and well-being of the baby.


In conclusion, consuming more fish oil has a variety of benefits to your overall functioning and health. Whether you choose to incorporate more oily fish into your diet or opt for high-quality fish oil supplements, embracing this nutrient-rich source can be a small yet impactful step towards a lifetime of well-being.


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